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61% of American say they gained weight during quarantine. As we turn the corner on COVID many of us are thinking about how we lose that weight. Everyone deserves to come out of COVID healthy and happy so I'm offering this FREE class, for YOU.

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Welcome! My name is Lora Grabow and my mission is to help people struggling with losing weight and keeping it off discover what's been missing from their weight loss journey. Together, I will help you change your life for the better.

For years I've counseled clients seeking to lose weight and I've watched hundreds of people just like you not only learn the tools for weight loss but USE them. These clients not only lost weight and kept it off, but became healthier people with headwork skills that helped them overcome challenges in other areas of their lives too.

Now I'm bringing the tools I teach one-on-one and in group seminars ONLINE!

Why? Because I want everyone to have access to this life-changing knowledge.

Not sure where to start?

Click below to see if emotional eating has been sabotaging your weight loss and to learn what you can do about it!

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"Lora gets it. She is great at empathy. She understands what we are doing and how important it is to follow-up. There are lots of ways to lose weight but Lora understands how to address the headwork needed to maintain weight loss."

 —  Jon, Weight Loss Client

Your healthiest life awaits!

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